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To promote unity through engaging, cultural and educational high quality programs, accessible and inclusive of people of all ages and backgrounds; especially among Latinx, Afro-Latino, Afro-Caribbean, African American and other populations of color.



Established in 2006, FLAMART (Featuring Latin American Music and ART) began presenting programs in the Greater Houston Area with the goal of bringing audiences, the rich cultural heritage found in Latin American and Spaniard art-forms. Attracting a modest annual audience of a few hundred in its infancy, FLAMART now reaches yearly attendance of over 12,000! This steady growth is the result of extensive local and national collaborations, great media coverage, and innovative and appealing programming featuring signature events such as: Salsa y Salud (the nation’s biggest live salsa and health show); the Afro-Latin Fest (presenting the country’s largest curriculum of classes of its kind); the KIFEST (Kids International Festival – uniting youth from around the world through the arts); the Concert Series (Raíces, Paralelos, De Sur a Norte, others); and Navidad Latin (a festive high energy Latin holidays celebration with music and dance).

In combination with its performance outreach group, Strictly Street Salsa, FLAMART has engaged in over 40 civic initiatives promoting health, tolerance, and community improvement with entities such as: the City of Houston, MD Anderson, Foundation for Modern Music, PAMAR (NY), University of Houston, American Heart Association, Rice University Office of Multicultural Affairs, and others. Graciously hosted under Foundation for Modern Music’s non-profit status until 2015, that year saw FLAMART receive its own non-profit status and a Certificate of Congressional Recognition; the latter, one of several honorable mentions the organization and its leaders have received for their consistent commitment in making our city a better place to live and contributing to Houston being 'Most Diverse'!

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