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DATE:    November 6, 2016

TIME:     3 PM

PLACE:  Flamboyán Theater

              Clemente Soto Vélez Center
              107 Suffolk St, New York, NY 10002

COST:    FREE - Donations Accepted!

De Sur a Norte!

Taking its message of cultural diversity, Flamart joins PAMAR'S 11th Annual Latin American Cultural Week in New York City presenting a vocal and instrumental music review from Tierra del Fuego to Spain. The program will feature works of Jayme Ovalle, Manuel de Falla, Andrés Gaos, Fernando Obradors, Luis Carlos Figueroa, Manuel M. Ponce, Eliseo Grenet, Agustín Lara, and others. Also, a special tribute to Panamanian composers Ricardo Fábrega (Panamá Viejo) and Carlos Eleta Almaran (Historia de un Amor). Highlighting Indigenous, African, Gypsy and European influences, along with subjects such as slavery, caste system, women's issues, and others; this program is dedicated to the Year of the Woman, an artistic and social initiative standing against violence toward women.

Recipient of a Certificate of Congressional Recognition and four consecutive commendations from City of Houston administrations for his artistic contribution, Panamanian baritone Raúl Orlando Edwards collaborates with the internationally renown Trio Acústico directed by Eddy Marcano (violin), José Layo Puente (double bass), Baden Goyo (piano), in a delightful afternoon of beautiful and diverse music, and the many influences they contain.

From South to North!

Seating is limited.

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